I thought I saw a zombie today.
Don’t worry though, it was only a false alarm.
Sometimes when I get cooped up for too long, I think about things that are highly unlikely. Today was especially eccentric.
You’d think being stuck in the middle of an uprising hoard of the undead would be a little more interesting. Unfortunately there always seems to be an excess amount of down time, and on boring days such as today that means more time for my improbable epiphanies.
As I was laying on my bunk killing my all too plentiful free time, I began to wonder about what happens to a human as they become the undead. What if a blind human was infected? Would the zombie become blind as well? Or what about humans with pre-existing ailments, would they be transfered in the process? I started picturing all these funny scenarios in my head, thinking about a blind zombie trying to catch it’s prey…
It was almost funny. In a sick sort of way.
Day dreaming about stupid things like that wasn’t helping me pass my time though. So I got up and walked around a while; subconscious thoughts still lingering in my mind. I stopped over at a barred up window to take a look around outside. Desolate, of course.
Or so I assumed.
To my surprise I saw movement across the street. My guess was it was just another wandering ghoul lost within the streets of Syracuse.
It’d been a while since my last target practice, so I figured I might as well make this day a little interesting. I grabbed my rifle, made my way to the door, and opened it up. I looked down my scope to get a good shot between the eyes, and noticed that something was different.
This wasn’t a normal zombie, something was wrong. The normal ragged, clumsy shuffle wasn’t there. This poor thing almost seemed to be…drunk. But his looks caught me off guard. He certainly looked like a zombie: the dark, sunken eyes, the dirty, tattered clothing. The overall look of dishevelment and disaster.
I was so confused by this. What was I supposed to do with a stranger that looked like the undead, but certainly didn’t act like them? There was no way this could have been one of my crazy ideas set in motion. It just couldn’t have happened. So I scoped him out again and tried to see if I could find the source of his extremely bizarre behavior.
And then it hit me. I saw the dangling remnants of his insulin pump and realized all at once this guy wasn’t dead, even if he would have been better off so.
He looked so bad that I mistook him for a zombie. I could only imagine the magnitude of the attack he was suffering through, and it was such a shame I had no power or supplies to help him.

Assess This

William knew that he had a one in twenty chance of being a victim of a serious crime, and a one in eighteen-thousand chance of being murdered. It’s what he did for a living.

Being a risk assessor, he knew that it lay everywhere, and he hated it.

Image what it’d be like to see the world from William’s eyes. Skeptical, paranoid even-about everything. He hated going outside for extended periods of time, knowing that his odds of being struck by lightning were one in ten-thousand four hundred and six. Getting ready in the morning was an even bigger task for him; the odds of fatally injuring yourself while shaving, or slipping in the tub are much higher than you’d expect. Going to work was a completely different story too, his odds of dying in an automobile accident were one in seventy-five. Numbers he didn’t like.

Having an overly analytic mind didn’t do much for Will’s personality either. He’d always been the secluded guy, trying to hide from the world and its potential perils. His anti-social nature didn’t seem to upset him much however. Why try and find a nice woman to settle down with, when the odds of a lasting marriage were barely anything. Wasting time was not an item on William’s agenda.

But being alone perhaps was to William’s advantage. He didn’t have to worry about anyone other than himself; and that was enough stress as it was. He didn’t keep pets, or any friends really. Who knew if-or when, they’d turn on him. He had a one in seven-hundred thousand chance of dying from a dog bite. It was an unnecessary risk that he wasn’t willing to take.

Change was bad for William. Order, precision, and routine were his ways of life. He preferred life his way, his numbers providing some sort of sick, twisted solace. They were real, and they didn’t lie.

But what happened when he couldn’t calculate the chance of the undead rising?

At least he knew his odds for becoming injured while using a chain saw: one in four-thousand four-hundred and sixty four.

Sibling Rivalry

Now this is a story for those who have an understanding for it. Many of us have been there, and many a time it hasn’t turned out pretty. Combine it with a zombie apocalypse, and it’s just plain deadly.

Claire and Jennifer have always had trouble getting along. Jennifer was older, and more mature by nature. Claire had to live in her shadow. This was always a game to Jennifer. And believe me, she milked it to an extreme. Not to mention their mother didn’t help. Always asking Claire why she couldn’t be more like her older sister. The “perfect” sister. 

“Stop teasing me Jen!” yelled Claire. “Give me back my blanket! It’s the only thing I have left from our house!”

“Oh stop whining will you? Why did you keep this ratty old thing anyway, it smells.” Jennifer tossed the blanket onto the floor.

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Anna and Eve

Eve ran into the dank basement as fast as she could and slammed the door. There was no way she was risking one of those things getting in. She pressed her back against the door, and sank down to the ground.

“That could have been really bad,” she breathed heavily to no one in particular.

“Promise me right now Anna, that you’ll never go outside of this room without me by your side.”

“I promise,” replied a shaky voice from the corner. “Aunt Eve?”

“Yes Anna?” responded Eve.

“When will I be able to see my mommy again?”

“Soon Anna, real soon…” Eve couldn’t bear to tell Anna that her mom wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon. Not as a human anyway.

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