Sibling Rivalry

Now this is a story for those who have an understanding for it. Many of us have been there, and many a time it hasn’t turned out pretty. Combine it with a zombie apocalypse, and it’s just plain deadly.

Claire and Jennifer have always had trouble getting along. Jennifer was older, and more mature by nature. Claire had to live in her shadow. This was always a game to Jennifer. And believe me, she milked it to an extreme. Not to mention their mother didn’t help. Always asking Claire why she couldn’t be more like her older sister. The “perfect” sister. 

“Stop teasing me Jen!” yelled Claire. “Give me back my blanket! It’s the only thing I have left from our house!”

“Oh stop whining will you? Why did you keep this ratty old thing anyway, it smells.” Jennifer tossed the blanket onto the floor.

Claire scrambled to pick up her blanket. “It’s alright blankey, she didn’t mean it.” she whispered too low for Jennifer to hear. “Things are different now Jen. We aren’t so little anymore, and mom isn’t here to suck in your glory. Get over yourself, you aren’t God.”

Jennifer was furious. “I’d watch my mouth if I were you Claire Bear. You’d be dead if it weren’t for me sticking around. I could be gone tomorrow, then you’d really be screwed.” she said with a sneer.

Claire just turned her back, and walked to her makeshift cot in the corner.

Jennifer always had to have the last word. Always.

Jennifer spent the rest of the day figuring out a plan to get back at her sister. She’d show her who’s in charge, and maybe get some respect. Early the next morning, Jennifer slipped outside and found an old shed to hide in nearby. She’d wait there all day if she had too.

When Claire woke up, it was unusually quiet. She felt like something was wrong. “Jennifer?” she called out. “Jennifer? Where are you? Jennifer! Hello?!” Her heart rate increased, her breath quickened. Panic began to set in. Claire searched all over for her sister. “She couldn’t have just left me here,” she thought. “That’s too far, even for her.”

Claire grabbed the shotgun, and decided to begin her search outside. Maybe her sister was in trouble somewhere.

“Jennifer? Jennifer, if you can hear me, please give me a sign.” Claire listened, but all she heard was the whistling of the wind in her ears. Hot tears streamed down her face. She felt unbelievably overwhelmed and lost. Jennifer was right. Again.

Laughter? Someone was laughing, Claire could hear it. She turned around to try and find its source, but all she could see was Jennifer.


“What? I don’t understand? Why Jen?” Claire’s tears were now of anger. 

“Oh I got you good Claire Bear! I told you I would, didn’t I? Don’t you realize you’re nothing without me, brat? I hope this scared some respect into you, you-”

Claire saw it before Jennifer did. It came up right behind her, and she didn’t even know. One of those terrible, decrepit ghouls. It grabbed her by the head, and took a nice big bite. Jennifer screamed. It made the term “blood curdling” seem quite literal.

Claire took the shotgun, and killed the monster. The only sound after the resounding shot was Jennifer’s gurgling.

Claire walked over to her sister, kneeled, and looked her in the eyes. “You know, it won’t be long before you’re one of those things Jennifer.” She stood up and began to walk away. Jennifer’s gurgling became more sporadic, and her eyes pleaded with her sister.

“Who has the last word now Jen?”

12 Responses to “Sibling Rivalry”

  • I’m afraid to ask what kind of ‘damn’ that was.

  • Bloody hell! This is AWESOME. She didn’t even shoot, her, that is cold! Absolutely top notch, should your sister be worried? 😉

  • Idv at least shot her, not from a moral or ethnic standpoint of course. Look at it tactically, her sister will now come back as just one more enemy. Unless her sister bites someone, and what if her sisters victim doesn’t get put down? Thats how the Z germ spreads. I love the fact she let her suffer, but not a very wise decision in the long run.

  • I stopped considering your comment after “idv”.


  • I would have* Sorry my mistype didn’t please you

  • Hey, I’m new to the whole zombie story writing thing.

    And this has nothing to do with the main thread here.
    It’s just my own story.

    And I don’t take criticism well.
    Especially if it isn’t good criticism.

  • It was more of a ” what Id do in that situation” comment. I never said it wasn’t a good story, I enjoyed reading it. I don’t enjoy children thinking they are “holier than thou”. Criticism is criticism regardless of if its good or not, accept that and deal with it like an adult and don’t take it personally. No one likes criticism but its there for you to either listen to and improve on, or you can get your panties in a wad and get defensive and pissy.

  • Everybody, and I mean everybody, untwist anything you happen to be wearing.

    John, it’s a really good story as it is.

    Allie, John’s been here a long time, and while I don’t agree with him, you should know that getting some feedback you disagree with is a lot better than no feedback at all. It proves someone has read and thought about your work. (I’ve got a lot of un-commented stories here and they make me feel very self-conscious.)

    The only review written about this site on iTunes is 2-stars from a fundamentalist Christian who called our work pretentious, trying too hard, not truly Central New York themed, and unoriginal.

    This offends me to my core, because it doesn’t merely insult my work and Chris’s work, but the effort put forth by everyone on the site. It hurts. But it taught me that no matter how well we do, we can’t please everyone. It’s a hard lesson to learn, and I didn’t learn it until I was 40. You’ve got a head start on me.

    I want you both contributing for a long time here. You are both valuable because of your differences. Please try and find a common ground–working together and building a site with the best frakking zombie apocalypse fiction on the entire frakking Internet.

    Can I get a so say we all?

  • Anyone for a Twinkie?

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