Kelly is an average girl of 17. When the zombie outbreak first hit New York, she reacted as any average girl of 17 would: she panicked. Now Kelly’s world has fallen apart. Her family is gone. Her boyfriend is gone. Nothing from before matters anymore. Her grades, her relationships, that cute dress she was saving up for; none of it matters. Kelly doesn’t even have a home anymore. Instead, she travels from building to building, scavenging what food she can. Now the only thing that’s important is survival. However, this is something that’s proves to be a bit challenging for her.

You see, Kelly has been bitten. She knows what happens to those who have been bitten. The past two days have been mentally jarring for her, to say the least. She has dipped in and out of depression and anger, in a desperate attempt to cope with her inevitable and rapidly approaching death.

“Is this it?”, she would wonder in silence. “Is this where my story ends? My family’s story? Nobody will ever even know we existed. Nobody will be around to mourn us or to remember us. Is our legacy is going to be snuffed out like some insignificant candle? It’s not fair!”

Sometimes she would think, “Maybe I’m going to be fine! After all it’s been hours and I feel the same. He only nicked me with his tooth, after all.” Kelly was in denial.

Today was different though. Today Kelly discovered a glimmer of hope. Today they found a cure.

Kelly had been wandering around, scavenging what food she could find as she always did. This time she came across a small group of other survivors. After a short conversation, they told Kelly how they had been informed that a doctor had discovered a cure recently. They went on about how everyone who was bitten had been flocking to this brilliant man who would save them, including themselves. Kelly was ecstatic. She joined up with the group as they continued their journey to meet this doctor.

Now the time is approaching. Kelly walks with this group, a new found hope acting as a brilliant beacon in her life. She’s going to get a second chance. As the party sneaks through the town, avoiding stray ghouls as much as possible, they inform Kelly that they will be there soon. Her face beams in response and amazing thoughts rush through her mind. She thinks about what she will do and where she will go now that she will have a second shot at life. She had heard rumors of a large group of people living in the airport in Syracuse but had been too afraid to make the trip there. As the group points out the destination up ahead, Kelly decides that she will make the trip to the airport as soon as she is cured.

They approach what use to be an orthodontist’s office while two men, armed with bats, guard the door. The windows are boarded up tightly and not a sound nor speck of light can be heard or seen. The men open the door and beckon them in. Despite their gruff faces, the group members each flash them a joyous smile and the occasional “thank you”. Kelly giggles to herself as she notes the irony of the building; before the outbreak, such a place would be considered abandoned and run down but now it has all the signs of a sanctuary. She looks around at the inside of the office as she enters. Kelly notes that work has been done in an effort to sound-proof the walls; obviously these people know what they’re doing. A line of people have formed in front of another door guarded by two men. Occasionally one of them shouts, “Next!”, and they allow a person through. The people in the room share excited whispers. Kelly can barely contain her excitement. After all, how often do you get a second chance?


Another person goes through the door and the line moves forward. Kelly wonders if the cure will be painful or not. “Is it an injection? Maybe it’s a pill.”, she wonders.


Kelly begins getting closer to the front and once again her mind races. Now that a cure has been discovered, the world can go back to normal. It’ll take time, sure, but she can be there to see it happen. Maybe she can help rebuild the city, she thinks. She will be there to see humanity’s salvation.


Maybe she’ll meet a nice young man and start her own family when the world returns to how it was. She could have kids and tell them how wonderful their grandfather and grandmother were. She would tell them all the stories of when she grew up. She would make her parents proud.


This is it, she’s almost at the front. It’s almost her turn.


Her heart races. Every beat thumps through her whole body and she swears she can hear the sound over the whispers behind her. She’s at the front.


Finally. Kelly is going to be saved. She’s going to be cured. She walks through the door as the guard beckons her in. She is greeted by a long hallway and yet another gruff looking man. They walk together and enter another door, up a flight of stairs and down yet another hallway, all as Kelly struggles to contain her giddiness and not barrage the man with questions. Finally they stop at a final door. The man informs her that the doctor is through here, before turning and walking back the way they came. She thanks the guard and enters the room, sporting the biggest smile she’s had on in months.

The doctor is inside, standing next to yet another guard and bent over a counter, fiddling with something that Kelly can’t see. He turns to the side and, without making eye contact, tells her to come in and shut the door behind her. Kelly does as he asks and waits patiently for him to tend to her. Still fiddling, he gestures for her to stand over in the corner of the room. Again, she follows his orders and stands where he directed, excitedly staring at the back of the man who is about to save her. Her heart races even faster than before and tears of joy start to well up in her eyes.; she’s going to live. Finally the doctor turns around and walks toward Kelly as she giggles in excitement. He stops a few feet in front of her and raises his arm up to her eye level.

Kelly pauses as the room goes silent. Then she looks at her doctor and, slowly, she starts to laugh. She laughs as tears start flowing down her face. She laughs as she looks down the barrel, into the doctor’s red, puffy eyes. She laughs until her mind goes blank. Then the laughter stops. Kelly is cured. She will not become a zombie anymore.

In the first room, one guard signals to the other. He nods.


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  • I’m not even sure if anyone is alive out there anymore but I was thinking about this ol’ site recently and then had a random idea at work today and decided, what the hell I’ll write it.

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