Operation: Dalian


Character: Sgt. Meaker
Place: Dalian, China
Time: 1030 hours
Date: Unknown Sometime before the infection reached the United States

The rotor wash swept over the ground and the 12 Special Forces troops near the UH-60 Blackhawk as it lifted off the ground and disappeared into the morning sun. The center soldier issued a hand signal and in perfect unison 11 other troops spread out in a wedge formation, M-4’s and 249-SAW’s aimed in all directions. Soon the squad found themselves in the Jinzhou District of the Northern Suberbs of Dalian, though this was Sgt. Meaker’s first mission to China he knew the streets would not have been as empty if circumstances were right.
The young soldier raised a curled fist to tell his squad to hold position, they were on the edge of the city, wrecked cars and debris littered the roads. ” H.Q. , H.Q. This is Kilo two, We have reached the Northern navpoint. Sat imaging was right, signs of fighting, lots of collateral… No survivors spotted so far, will report in at any changes out” Voiced the Weapons Sergeant on his mic. ” Roger that Kilo two, Command wants you to proceed into the city, check for survivors and report any changes,will stand by over and out” voiced the radio operator. Sgt. Meaker took another look around. ” Eyes and ears people! Orders are to move into the city…”

Six Hours Later

“GOD DAMNIT WHERES MY FUCKING AIR SUPPORT!?” The Sergeant shouts over the mic, guns blazing next to him. A hail of hot brass showering the ground.The squad was now only seven men left, holding up at the edge of the ruined Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport firing into the endless wave of Zombies. ” Sir, There’s too many of em, we don’t have enough ammo, we need to get the shit outta here!” yelled one of the soldiers. “H.Q. My team needs a goddamn exfill and I need it yesterday, I repeat, I need a Helo extraction now! Out!”

The Sergeant looked into the millions of walking dead heading towards them, each one lazily moaning, complaining the way gulls do when near a feast. Before long the whole squad was out of ammo, the empty click of a firing pin hitting thin air, a soldiers worst nightmare, made all the worse by the never ending onslaught of flesh hungry dead.” Move back, Tight Perimeter, Knuckle Up! Don’t let the bastards Take you!” The fierce gunfight soon became the chorus of slicing and the squish of cerebral fluid pouring out of a punctured skull; The seven soldiers had no choice but to resort to hand to hand combat. through the deafening moans of six million hungry cannibals came the whir of a blackhawks rotors slicing at the air. The beautiful bird hovered fifteen feet off the ground, “Get on that fucking chopper now!” screamed the Sergeant, as if he had to.
In a matter of seconds the remaining seven had boarded the helo and were on they’re way back to the base. Meaker looked around at his team, they were all pale with blood loss and exhaustion, he was the only one not bitten. “Quite a sunset eh sir? Id have to say if I were to die anytime soon I’d be fine with it after that.” Meaker looked out the open side of the helo at the setting sun that his squad mate had mentioned to. He would never look at a setting sun the same way. Before he let his head fall back against the wall of the Blackhawk to sleep, he couldn’t help but notice how hungry his fellow squad mates began to look…

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  • I’m really likin’ the militaryness form…no matter how you didn’t have time. The only advice is for you and others to watch out for twinking/god modding/uberness. For some reason I fear that in military characters. Do they have flaws?

    That’s just my past coming up.
    (Online paragraph lengthed roleplaying in Resident Evil style forums under the eye of a strict bastard…good times.)
    He taught me well.

  • I took out the end tag about running out of time. You should take this through a couple more steps, including Yonkers and the finger.
    This is going to be fun. He seems as hardcore as Slater, but less administrative. Dusti is right: this could lead to some conflict w/the civilians,
    but that isn’t bad. Internal conflicts should make a up a majority of our problems here–in some respects Zack is the least of these people’s worries: there’s also starvation, disease, and keeping the peace with 600-1800 other desperate people. I like the contrast. Onward!

  • According to the Zombie Survival Manual, the bitten slip into a coma before reanimating. They don’t look hungry. Frak it– it’s good. More!

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