Saved by the Bull

A.C. was in his junior year of high school when The Panic happened.

He was in love.

Jessie was the love of his life.

They had been dating for just over a year when Zack stole her away.

A.C. swore that he would have his revenge on Zack for stealing his girl.

At seventeen, he was one of the youngest members of the Corps.

For his first mission, A.C. was sent into downtown Syracuse. It was winter, so his mission was mainly to take out as many frozen zombie skulls as possible. He eagerly went about smashing his crowbar into the frozen pedestrians. With every swing, he would proclaim his love for Jessie and his hatred for Zack.

He had cleared a block of Clinton Street when he decided to check out one of Armory Square’s famous establishments. He smashed his way through the front window of the bar, and headed inside. The temperature inside was considerably warmer than that of the outside air. A.C. failed to notice the last few bar patrons that were waiting for last call.

There were four of them and he was on tap. The ghouls surrounded him and began to close in. A.C. swung his crowbar and took down the first two quickly. When he struck the third, the crowbar became lodged in its skull. He didn’t have time to retrieve his weapon, so he improvised. He tried some of his high school wrestling moves, but they didn’t work very well. The moves only brought him closer to Zack’s teeth and claws. In a last ditch effort, A.C. kicked the ghoul off from on top of him and impaled it on the horns of the bar’s mechanical bull.

A.C. made his way over to the third ghoul and retrieved his Z.E.D. Raising the crowbar over his head, he approached the final zombie. “This is for Jessie,” he said as he delivered the final blow.