Sibling Rivalry

Now this is a story for those who have an understanding for it. Many of us have been there, and many a time it hasn’t turned out pretty. Combine it with a zombie apocalypse, and it’s just plain deadly.

Claire and Jennifer have always had trouble getting along. Jennifer was older, and more mature by nature. Claire had to live in her shadow. This was always a game to Jennifer. And believe me, she milked it to an extreme. Not to mention their mother didn’t help. Always asking Claire why she couldn’t be more like her older sister. The “perfect” sister. 

“Stop teasing me Jen!” yelled Claire. “Give me back my blanket! It’s the only thing I have left from our house!”

“Oh stop whining will you? Why did you keep this ratty old thing anyway, it smells.” Jennifer tossed the blanket onto the floor.

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