“Oh my god. I’m in love. Hey baby! How about it?”

“Johnson, I wouldn’t do it with you if you were the last man on earth.”

“Come on, Jackie. At the rate things are going around here, I will be soon enough. And all you poor lonely ladies will have to fight over me. You should get in on my action while the getting is good.” He smiled to himself at the thought of himself as king of the entire world. It didn’t last long–the Zombies soon came back.

“If that happens, I’ll take my chances outside the fence.” She set down the pile of gauze and two tubes of antibiotic, turned on her heel, and left the infirmary.

“Ouch,” said Driscoll when she’d gone.

“She’ll come around soon enough. I can see she’s weakening. There are subtle clues.”

“They must be pretty subtle. That’s the fourth time this week and twenty-sixth since the beginning of the month.”

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