To Mommie

Dear Mommie,

Daddy told me you were sick and that I couldn’t be around you. I know you’re in pain because I can hear you moaning and gurgling through the metal door Daddy built. Daddy also told me that you put up a fight being put in that box. He said Scruffy had to go with you. To keep you company. I hope he’s okay…I haven’t heard him bark in a couple of days. Are you feeding him, Mommie? I want you to know Daddy said were going on a trip. He didn’t tell me when we were coming back but I’ll bring you a gift. Mommie, please get better soon. I wish you could go with us but Daddy would be mad if I asked you to go along. Daddy said you keep him up and night and he just might as well “shoot that bitch.” I don’t know why Daddy would talk about you like that. Maybe he’s just mad that you got sick. Well Mommie, I have to go. Daddy says that nightfall is coming and if I don’t blow my candle out, more sick people like you will come and get me sick. And Daddy doesn’t want that. I love you Mommie. And please get better soon.

With Love,


P.S. Don’t forget to feed Scruffy! I don’t want him to die.