Zack Don’t Surf

Date: May 25, 20–
Time: 1737 hours
Sit Rep: Small Special ops detachment sent in to recon and secure situation inside Baghdad. All other Mechanized, Airborne, and regular Infantry are to move outside of city, secure perimeter. Orders stand to eliminate ANY trying to escape city; Living or Dead.

The rotor wash of a passing Blackhawk blanketed Meaker and his squad. The special forces team didn’t even look up as the M-134D Mini-guns on each sides of the passing helo lit up, raining thirty brass shells a second down on the empty,sandy streets of what was once Baghdad. All five of the men were fatigued, resting against the walls in a thin alleyway. Both ends were plugged with vehicle parts and debris, a makeshift barricade that did the trick, only if for awhile. In the distance, past the shooting and the hungry moans of the dead, screams of children could be heard coming from a school that had been built during ” Bush’s war”.

They all tried to ignore them.

“Sir if I may say so, this mission is Fubar”

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The rain outside had begun to slow, an unfortunate lull in the storm passing over northern Florida. The sounds of the rain were slowly being replaced by the moaning of the dead outside the sergeant’s hotel room. The skinless fingers clawing at the door…. Why wont they stop? Why wont they leave? I haven’t uttered a sound for hours, yet they still persist…. Regardless of how many of my friends and family they feast on, they still want more…

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Operation: Dalian


Character: Sgt. Meaker
Place: Dalian, China
Time: 1030 hours
Date: Unknown Sometime before the infection reached the United States

The rotor wash swept over the ground and the 12 Special Forces troops near the UH-60 Blackhawk as it lifted off the ground and disappeared into the morning sun. The center soldier issued a hand signal and in perfect unison 11 other troops spread out in a wedge formation, M-4’s and 249-SAW’s aimed in all directions. Soon the squad found themselves in the Jinzhou District of the Northern Suberbs of Dalian, though this was Sgt. Meaker’s first mission to China he knew the streets would not have been as empty if circumstances were right.
The young soldier raised a curled fist to tell his squad to hold position, they were on the edge of the city, wrecked cars and debris littered the roads. ” H.Q. , H.Q. This is Kilo two, We have reached the Northern navpoint. Sat imaging was right, signs of fighting, lots of collateral… No survivors spotted so far, will report in at any changes out” Voiced the Weapons Sergeant on his mic. ” Roger that Kilo two, Command wants you to proceed into the city, check for survivors and report any changes,will stand by over and out” voiced the radio operator. Sgt. Meaker took another look around. ” Eyes and ears people! Orders are to move into the city…”

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