The Best Day Ever

Dear Diary,

Last week I had the best day ever! I woke up and had breakfast and Mommy bought my favorite kind of cereal. Then later me and Daddy watched Spongebob on the tv together. It was really funny until a man on the news started talking. I don’t know what he said because I was making snoring noises at him. Daddy shushed me and got all worried and went to talk to Mommy. They talked for a long time. I think the man was talking about Halloween because I looked outside and saw a bunch of people playing Monsters. Then one of the people came up to the window and started banging on it and making funny sounds. I decided to play too and I made growling noises at him. It was funny. Then Daddy came back in and got scared and pulled me away from the window. He yelled at the man but he kept pretending. I laughed. Mommy and Daddy got really scared because more people came and wanted to get in. Daddy left the room and I snuck into the kitchen and took a cookie that Mommy just made. Chocolate chip are my favorite. When I came back Daddy told me to put my shoes on and that we had to leave. After a couple minutes, Mommy picked me up and we ran real fast to the car. The people who were playing pretend try to come with us but Daddy wouldn’t let them and he drived away. I looked out the car window and I saw lots of people playing tag outside. I asked if we could play too and Mommy and Daddy both yelled no. I got mad because they yelled at me. Later we got out of the car because the road was blocked and we had to run. Soon we got to the airport. I asked if Grandma was coming to visit again and Daddy said no. When we went in a man took us to a room and looked at us. He looked at all my arms and everything and it tickled. He talked to Daddy for a while and told us to go somewhere. Mommy took me to a different room with a bed in it and we went to sleep. The next day I made a bunch of friends and we played together. We played hide and seek for a long time but Mommy got real mad when nobody could find us. Lots of those Halloween people stay outside. I don’t think anyone here likes Halloween because they aren’t allowed in. We made up a game that we called Run Away. Me and my friends run up to the fence and a man with a gun runs after us and chases us away. It’s really funny. Mommy says not to go near the fence because the people that are outside are really bad. I don’t think the people are bad though. A couple days ago I saw my friend Susy from school and she was playing Monsters outside the fence. She was making funny noises too. I showed Mommy because she was walking with me. Then she put her hands over my eyes. Through the cracks I saw one of the gun men that was outside walk over to Susy. Then Mommy turned me around. Its so much fun around here but I wish Timmy was here. Timmy is my big brother. I don’t know where he is because whenever I ask Mommy she starts crying and then Daddy hugs her. He would have fun if he was here though. I think he’s working. The best part about being here is that we get to stay for a long time! Mommy says she doesn’t know when we get to go back home. I don’t mind though, I’m having so much fun!