Family Reunion

This is the first time I have been alone since the epidemic had started. It was chaos when the monsters broke into the mall. Everybody running screaming, there screams where louder then mine. “Dad” I screamed until tears welled up in my eyes and my body shook. No one looks down, they run. It’s like one of those shows you see on animal planet where the lions are chasing the gazelle, the young just fall back and no one looks back.

As I sit here in this dressing room I listen, I listen to the shuffle of feet the occasional moan. These are the monsters. I remember my the first night of the epidemic my parents both cried. You know something really must be wrong when you see your Dad break down and cry. My Dad was holding my Mom in the living room. Thats when I saw the first monster, it crashed through bay window with several behind but this one it looked like me and you only dirty, cross eyes, and it was covered in blood. It grabbed my Mother by the hair and pulled her into its grip. I remember the saliva running down its chin as it ripped through my mother’s trachea. My father grabbed my hand and we ran. There was not time for tears or mourning. My father knew something that I didn’t, that my mother was in fact very much alive.

More shuffles as I close my eyes, I haven’t slept since I was separated from my Dad. I’m guessing that was about three days ago. I feel tugs on my arm as my eyelids snap open. I see my mothers face and I feel the pressure on my wrist.

“Mama please your hurting me” I look into those cross, glazed eyes. I know she can’t hear me, she can’t even comprehend me. She brings my arm to her lips, its almost as if she kisses it first before she tears into it. My whole arm erupts in a burning sensation. I no longer Joshua Redmond, I am a monster.

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