Afrikan Rabies

Operation: Vaccine

ROE: Self Defense measures only, limit Civilian casualties/Collateral Damage.
Location: 20km West of Dhuusamareeb
Unit: 1 SF Alpha team
Arms: Light arms, limited explosives, suppressors.
Execution:  Alpha team is to insert via UH-60 at 0130 hrs. Team is to then move to way point delta, destroy all evidence of Project Savior, then exfiltrate to the extraction point.
Estimated time of extraction: 0200 hrs
Contingency plan: None
Reinforcements: None

Officers Note: The Littlebird will be waiting for you at the LZ, If your team is not to the extraction point by 0200 you will be left.  There is no room for error.

Meaker checked his watch reading 0131, by 0132 his team was moving full speed across the African Desert, the moon blocked out from clouds very recently formed by raging fires all over Asia and Africa as well. Meakers NOD’s were invaluable in such dark, it was one of the only times he had needed the Infrared flashlight. As the team approached the objective safety switches flicked off in unison. The cut through the chain fence was perfect, the entrance was flawless. What gave away their position will forever be unknown. The whole teams NOD’s were suddenly filled with bright light, powerful flood lights kicked on and by the time the team had the night optic devices flipped up they had 40 rifles on them. the team formed a circle, expecting full well to be mowed down where they stood.

A figure stood in front of a flood light and proceeded to address the team.

“Which one of you is in charge?”

“That would be me.” Meaker said calmly aiming his silenced ACR at the figure. He couldn’t help but see a smile cross the figures face.

6 hours later

Meaker was woken up by a punch to the gut, he had been beaten to the point of unconsciousness more times than he could count in the past 6 hours.

“Your team is rather resilient as well, you should be proud of your men. However they are not as stubborn as you, it didn’t take as much convincing for them to spill their guts.” spoke the figure sitting in a chair in front of him.

“My team didn’t tell you shit” Meaker spat back to the figure.

The man sitting in the chair leaned closer showing his face, he had silver hair and pale skin. “They told me more than you think”

He stood and walked towards Meaker taking a step into the light. The man was tall and fit, silver hair underneath his maroon beret.

“Even if I hadn’t rendered the rest of your team combat ineffective to get the answer I know why your here.”

John looked up at the man his swollen eyes making his vision blurry. “And why am I here then?”

“You are here to destroy the cure, I don’t know why but your sick government wants the only cure for the plague erased from existence”

John tried leaping from his chair but the electric cord binding him was too tight.

” Its not a cure you ignorant fuck! All it does is make them even more violent, you dumb asses stole the mutated strand from the Chinese not the solution to the problem. All you will end up selling to the worlds governments is a way to further the problem and doom us even further!”

The man scoffed. “I should expect such nonsense from an American”

A door at the rear of the room behind Meaker opened and a man spoke to the man in the beret. “Marcus, come quick!”

Marcus marched towards the soldier quickly. “Whats wrong now?”

“The cure didn’t work! The subjects have become even more dangerous”

Marcus looked back at Meaker before slamming the door shut behind him. “What do you mean more dange-“

Suddenly two figures crashed through the door in front of them. The one, a male test subject in a medical gown was eating the throat of an African soldier as they flew through the door. The mans cries in desperation only formed bubbling gargled whimpers. The creature quickly looked at Marcus and charged, moving faster than the other Z’s. it was quickly put down but Marcus stood shaking for a second, pale and sweat on his brow, before turning to his subordinate.

“That thing just fucking ran at me! I want all the prisoners executed and the entire base on lock down, Nothing, I mean NOTHING gets out.”

He loaded a fresh mag into his pistol, looking at the dead body of the soldier who had just died in front of him he said ” Put the body in the room with the Sergeant.”

John struggled in his chair trying to break free, the corpse in front of him would reanimate soon. He had watched the videos of the test subjects in china, It was supposed to cure the disease, instead it made the Solanum virus mutate, allowing the creatures infected with the new plague to run faster and behave more aggressively. If the new disease was able to spread it would make his job a lot harder in the long run. Meakers wrists were rubbed raw from the electric cord binding him to the metal chair, progress not being made nearly fast enough. He closed his eyes only to take a deep breath before continuing, when his eyes opened he noticed the corpse was now looking right at him.

Location:Cheyenne Military base
Time:0745 hrs

“We lost contact with them six hours ago Sir”

“They haven’t tried contacting us since?”

“No sir, are we to assume they couldn’t accomplish the objective?”

Slater shook his head. “No theres no assuming with that man…I want an update by 0900. If we dont here from him, then we will turn that area into a parking lot.”

“How will we justify turning a whole city into rubble?”

“We need to ensure there will even be somebody to answer to.”

“Yes sir…”

Location: Africa

Meaker emerged from the room sweating and breathing heavily, blood stained the front of his uniform and hands. Behind him the chair he was strapped to rested on its side in a puddle that was once the living corpses head.He quickly wiped the blood off his hand onto his pants, he was unsure if any blood had gotten into the cuts on his wrists but swore to kill as many of them and Marcus before he did himself. It didn’t take him long to find weapons and ammunition, the instillation was eerily quiet. Signs of fighting were everywhere but there were no bodies, blood puddles and body bits. John still had a mission to do, He needed to find his gear.

5 Minutes later

He strapped his gear on as fast he could, his team was trying to bust the door down to the armory. He strapped the final yet most essential piece of gear to his leg and tucked the c-4 plastic explosive in his assault pack. John took a second to breath and regain composure, he was about to kill members of his team, men he had fought and bled with against many enemies. It was almost heartbreaking to have to kill a foe with the face of a comrade. He unsheathed his Kukri and took one last breath before kicking the door. The door slammed into the four knocking them down, the blade cut through each of their necks like they were butter, the heads kept trying to bite Meaker as they rolled on the ground, he made sure to turn the blade around and beat their skulls into powder before moving on.

He set the c-4 and exited the instillation, regaining radio contact with Headquarters as he ran. “Phoenix one, Phoenix one this is Sergeant Meaker, requesting Immediate dust off at previously established LZ, over”

He had nothing to do but hope it went through.

He never heard the gunshot.

John found himself face first in the sand, The round hit the ceramic plate on his back sending lightning strikes of pain surging up his back. John let out a muffled scream out in the sand before rolling over, turning pain into anger. Marcus had used his last round on Meaker, his Ak-47 was as dry as the earth he was now running across towards Meaker. He couldn’t let any infected escape, and he was positive Meaker was just that. Much to His surprise however, Meaker rolled over swinging his Gurkha Kukri, not flailing like a mindless corpse. His opponent was still very much alive, to his dismay.

The blade connected with the Bayonet on Marcus’s weapon giving him the room to stand and fight.

Marcus paused, hesitating. “Wait” was all he managed to utter before Meaked swung the Kukri down on his face, cutting from his forehead down to his cheek, Destroying his right eye. John ignored his screams of pain as he walked away. The call for a pickup never went through, John wandered the desert for 3 days before getting picked up by a separate SF team sent to secure  the ruins of the base. John had heard the JSF’s bombing the base into hell. No mutant infected escaped, Meaker was the only thing to make it out.

2300 hrs
Cheyenne Military base

“Good to have you back Sergeant, you even had me convinced I was rid of you this time” Slater said offering Meaker a glass of whiskey. Meaker declined the liquor.

“No thank you sir, I don’t drink before a mission.”

Slater smiled after finishing his own glass. “You just got back John.”

“We both know you wont allow me any R&R Sir, I’m ready to keep fighting if your willing to send me.”

Slater nodded.

“Sir the mission was compromised from the start, They knew we were coming. I lost my whole team to Marcus and his men, and that mutant strain the Chinese created trying to cure the virus took no more than an hour to get through the whole base. If it weren’t for the JSF’s” Meaker struggled, he hated having to admit he wasn’t as good as everyone thought. ” If the JSF’s hadn’t showed there is no way I could have contained the infection. You are positive that nothing survived?”

Slater finished his second glass “Yes, we turned that area into a glass parking lot for a mile in all directions. Surgical strike teams were sent in to sweep and clear, only one casualty on our side. Wasn’t the infected, The helmet cam showed him get stabbed by an enemy that somehow survived the bombing runs, son of a bitch had a huge cut on his face.”

“Marcus” Meaker growled under his breath.

“There is no way he survived, your lucky another SF unit picked you up or you would have died. That poor bastard doesnt have anyone picking him up.”

“I sure hope not”

Slater poured himself one final glass before closing the bottle for the night. “Very well, I will meet you back here in the morning at 0500, your new team will be in the formation area. We are going to Europe, need to bail the French out again.”


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  • finished at 0346. I’m sure there is a plethora of errors to fix.

  • This is the best of your pre-Panic Meaker forays into the Third World. I can do the editing quickly. There are two things that I’d like you to change first:

    Use Google Maps and give it a real-world location. An obscure location, probably on the east coast of Africa. Not Mogadishu, even though that is one of the most wickedly named cities in the world.

    Second, Meaker needs to call in the JSFs from a real location. (Either an aircraft carrier stationed in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, or some other real location.) I think the mission briefing says limited support. JSFs are hardly limited support.

    I don’t like the existence of a fast-zombie virus. It’s too Resident Evil/28 Days-Weeks for this world. I’m glad it’s destroyed here. Let’s leave it in the African sands.

    I’m surprised that Slater is here too. One day we’ll need to know how both these guys ended up in a backwater like this Zone. Meanwhile, shouldn’t Meaker report that the mission was somehow compromised?

    Nice ending. Very Meaker.

  • the JSF’s were part of the detail to turn the Area into a parking lot to destroy the mutant strand should the SF team fail. If they do not report a success by a certain time they call in the cavalry in the form of supersonic million dollar death. The purpose of SF ops like that are to avoid the need to level a building or kill everything in sight, it costs money to blow up a building and then rebuild it. one of those bombs cost more than both of us will ever make in our lives.

  • I’m assuming by the title that you’ve read World War Z?

  • Why is Cheyenne Mountain mentioned? It’s a NORAD base, why would they be involved?

  • They want you to think its a NORAD base, In actuality its where the Stargate command is.

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