I thought I saw a zombie today.
Don’t worry though, it was only a false alarm.
Sometimes when I get cooped up for too long, I think about things that are highly unlikely. Today was especially eccentric.
You’d think being stuck in the middle of an uprising hoard of the undead would be a little more interesting. Unfortunately there always seems to be an excess amount of down time, and on boring days such as today that means more time for my improbable epiphanies.
As I was laying on my bunk killing my all too plentiful free time, I began to wonder about what happens to a human as they become the undead. What if a blind human was infected? Would the zombie become blind as well? Or what about humans with pre-existing ailments, would they be transfered in the process? I started picturing all these funny scenarios in my head, thinking about a blind zombie trying to catch it’s prey…
It was almost funny. In a sick sort of way.
Day dreaming about stupid things like that wasn’t helping me pass my time though. So I got up and walked around a while; subconscious thoughts still lingering in my mind. I stopped over at a barred up window to take a look around outside. Desolate, of course.
Or so I assumed.
To my surprise I saw movement across the street. My guess was it was just another wandering ghoul lost within the streets of Syracuse.
It’d been a while since my last target practice, so I figured I might as well make this day a little interesting. I grabbed my rifle, made my way to the door, and opened it up. I looked down my scope to get a good shot between the eyes, and noticed that something was different.
This wasn’t a normal zombie, something was wrong. The normal ragged, clumsy shuffle wasn’t there. This poor thing almost seemed to be…drunk. But his looks caught me off guard. He certainly looked like a zombie: the dark, sunken eyes, the dirty, tattered clothing. The overall look of dishevelment and disaster.
I was so confused by this. What was I supposed to do with a stranger that looked like the undead, but certainly didn’t act like them? There was no way this could have been one of my crazy ideas set in motion. It just couldn’t have happened. So I scoped him out again and tried to see if I could find the source of his extremely bizarre behavior.
And then it hit me. I saw the dangling remnants of his insulin pump and realized all at once this guy wasn’t dead, even if he would have been better off so.
He looked so bad that I mistook him for a zombie. I could only imagine the magnitude of the attack he was suffering through, and it was such a shame I had no power or supplies to help him.

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