Recurring Character: Clipboard

<<Please note: This is not my character to do this to. This is not canon and needs improvement.>>


Name: Bob McCarthy. 44 Years old. Formerly of DeWitt.

Forensic accountant, Department of the Treasury. Worked from the Federal Building in downtown Syracuse. Always carried a pistol.

His wife and three kids boarded the last Delta flight to  Cleveland, hoping to get jet West. He stayed behind so women and children could board.
Puts himself into his work as a means of dealing with the loneliness. Hardly ever seems to be off duty.  When he is, it’s noticeable. A former warm family man, now he seems more like a monk.
Injured his left leg permanently during the Panic. Walks with a noticeable limp, faster than a Z, but looks like one on the one side. Does not go outside the fence.

Has a near-photographic memory. Can perform calculus in his head.

He is the interface between the boots on the ground and Brooks. He is probably the second most important person in the Zone.

The Walk


Clipboard knew something was up as soon as the 18th Squad came trudging down the boulevard. They were moving too slowly. The 18th had been becoming one of the best: they were going out farther and returning with more kills than any other unit. They were cold, efficient, and ruthless—just like everyone else in Corpse Corps. They did not carry guns. They didn’t need to. Their ZEDs—zombie elimination devices—always came back covered in gore.

They were never very loud, but today, they were noticeably quieter. Parker, Uptown, and Vannawhite all piled through the checkpoint and reported their kills. They marched silently on through toward the baggage claim to stow their weapons. Holey came through last.

“How many’d you get, Holey?”

“Sixteen personally. I split a couple with Uptown. Give them to him.”

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