A Brother’s Love

Joe and Jack were twin brothers who lived in New York all their lives. Joe became a cop and Jack was a low life, nothing but a loser drug dealer. Joe knew that his only sibling at that his twin brother was wasting his life by doing and dealing drugs but he couldn’t bring himself to arrest a member of his own family.

“You need to stop what your doing your going to get arrested or worse overdose and die” exclaimed Joe.

“I…I..just can’t stop” said Jack.

“You need to go to rehab its the only way” Said Joe.

The sound to the television show they were watching stopped and the annoying beep of the public broadcasting service came across.

We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news. A man has been spotted downtown attacking others, over twenty people have already been bitten by this crazed man. We at channel three news advise you that if you see anybody acting weird or biting anyone else, keep as much distance as possible between you and said person and call Syracuse police.

Jack stormed out of Joe’s house in a fit of rage. Joe followed.

“So is this how it’s going to be Jack?”Asked Joe

Jack didn’t answer he just kept walking. Joe gave up turned around and started to walk away until he heard a bone chilling scream and he knew it was Jack. Joe turned back around to find Jack fighting with another guy who kept lunging at Jacks face. Joe pulled his back up 22 pistol form the holster on his ankle. Joe closed his eyes and pulled the trigger a body hit the ground. Joe opened his eyes, his worst fear was realised at that moment he shot Jack. The man attack Jack was shuffling away this time Joe kept his eyes opened when he pulled the trigger, The man hit the ground like a sack full of rocks. Joe rushed to see if Jack was okay, luckily Joe only hit him in the shoulder, he called 911.

Jack rolled over he heard a faint beeping noise as he came back too. Jack opened his eyes to find Joe by his side.

“You shot me you son of a bitch” Yelled Jack

“Not on purpose Jack I was aiming for the guy attacking you and I hit him after I hit you expect unlike you he’s on a slab in the morgue” Said Joe

“We have a big fight a guy tries to bite me and you shoot ME in the shoulder?” Asked Jack

“I wasn’t exactly aiming at you” Said Joe

“Just leave Joe I don’t want you here right now”

Joe went to the morgue to see who he killed.

“Hey doc do we have an identity for that John Doe yet” Asked Joe

“Well not yet but come here I found some really weird things in this guy” Said the Medical Examiner

“This man survived a hell of a beating and two previous gunshots to his heart” Said the M.E.

“Wait your telling me that this man lying here that I shot in the head survived two count them two gunshots directly to his heart and survived?” Asked a shocked Joe

“Yes some how this man was able to survive being shot twice in the heart its unhuman” Said the M.E.

Joe told the medical examiner to call him with any updates and he went home.

The following morning Joe awoke to a ringing phone, It was the medical examiner.

“Joe you better come down here a Jane Doe came in last night, the cop that killed her shot her six time in the chest before aiming for her head. He figured she was wearing a vest but when he checked her he found nothing.”

“I’m on my way.” Said Joe

Joe arrived at the morgue and looked over this poor young woman. He tried to figure out how she survived a half a dozen gunshots to the chest without dying.

“I pulled these six 38 specials from her chest” Said th M.E. handing Joe a jar with bullets in it.

“This isn’t possible first the John doe I brought in was shot twice and survived and now her.”

Joe went upstairs to visit Jack. He was asleep so Joe sat down and watched the television. We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news.

“Anyone who has been bitten needs to seek medical attention AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!’

Joe walked over to Jack’s bedside and looked at Jack’s arm he had a bite wound. Joe yelled for a nurse. Yelling was the wrong thing too Jack awoke angry grabbed Joe’s arm and bit it. Joe screamed and punched Jack it had no effect expect making Jack angrier. Jack bit down harder, at that moment Joe did the unthinkable he pulled his 22 and put it to Jacks head. Let go and Ill put the gun away Jack. Jack continued to bite harder blood started to flow from Joe’s hand. Joe pulled the trigger. Tear’s rolled form Joe’s eyes. Security and doctors rushed in.

The doctors bandaged Joe and then police arrested him. They told Joe he was under arrest for second degree murder. Because Joe had been bitten by a person who could possibly have been infected Joe was quarantined.

“You can’t do this to me I’m an officer of the law!”Exclaimed Joe.

“You killed your own brother for no reason.” Said the guard.

“Have you seen my hand you jackass and I loved Jack.” Said Joe

“I’ve seen your hand and still you shot the man in the head!” Yelled the guard.

“He could have had this crazy infection that’s going around you don’t know.” Said Joe

“They think they’ve gotten everybody expect you that’s why your in this quarantine cell Joe”

“Wait im in this cell because you guys think I’m infected?’ Asked Joe

“Exactly” Said the Guard

The following night Joe tried to attack the guard when he was taking him to the infirmary. The guard reacted to the lunging man with one gun shot to his head. Joe died, but with his death went the infection.

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