The Mall

We spent the weeks after the invasion at the Airport, I was put into a squad with Jim his wife Jacey and Jacey’s brother Brandon who seemed the “redneck” type if you will and looked like they knew their way around a gun way too well. We drove around the city in a dump truck taking down what little zacs we saw in the streets. Our race turned into scavengers we tore apart abandoned stores and houses looking for whatever little food or ammunition we could find and stockpiling it back at the airport. The other people in my squad seemed good people. The truck came to a hault in front of Carousel Center it had been abandoned since the invasion. The food court seemed like a great place to scavenge for food and that’s what we did. We entered finding a door had already been broken, possibly just a group of teenagers just looking for some merchandise the five finger discount. Though after the invasion started everyone needed more so who knows how many people have came through here looting. Our group entered…

“Got one over here” Yelled Jacey

A shot echoed throughout the mall. We continued to the food court. We raided the entire food court leaving with about twenty boxes of food to bring back to the airport. Made it out easy too only one Zac? Seemed a little weird. Brandon and I boarded up the busted window while Jim and Jacey loaded the boxes in the truck.

I heard my name Ryan turn around. I turned to find a zombie advancing towards one shot easy take down I continued to help Brandon fix the busted door.

“Let’s get this stuff back into the zone guys” Yelled Jacey.

Joe Jumped in the driver’s seat the rest of us pilied in Joe turned the key but nothing happened.

“What the hell is going on here?” Asked Joe

Brandon, a mechanic before the invasion jumped down and lifted the hood.

“Try it again Joe” Said Brandon

Another turn of the key and still nothing.

“Joe, the alternator is shot” Said Brandon “Get clipboard on the radio”

Joe picked up the radio pushed the button and nothing happened we all tried nobody in the airport was answering we were stranded.

“Look guys the sun is setting lets get inside get everything as sealed off as possible and crash for the night” I said

“Ryan, are you stupid with this whole Destiny USA thing you know how hard it will be to seal everything off?” Asked Joe

“Lets just take the walk back to the zone” Said Jacey

“Jacey i’m not walking like four miles back to the zone are you nuts?” Brandon yelled.

“Joe zombies can’t climb we only need to seal the bottom level and with the plywood here it wont be a problem”I said

We unloaded the truck and took everything back inside. Me and Joe began to seal off the open parts of the mall when we heard a shot ring out across the mall, we took off running towards the sound. Brandon had dropped a zombie outside no problem. We decide to sleep in shifts just in case anything happened.

Approximately 3:00 A.M. Joe’s shift… a gun shot rang out and a glass door smashed. Waking all of us up out of a sound sleep. We all awoke and pulled our guns.

“Joe, are you retarded?”Asked Jacey

“Dude, you just smashed out a door, now go out back and get a chunk of plywood to fix this damn door” I yelled

Joe left to get the plywood a loud thud was heard by everyone. We ran over to see what was going on.

“I’m fine guys, just dropped the plywood” Joe Yelled.

We turned around and walked back to our post Joe returned soon after with the plywood. We started to put the plywood over the broken door when another loud thud rang through only now everyone from the squad was present.

Brandon and I ran to investigate the noise, we found a long line of zombies walking towards us Joe left the back door opened after getting the plywood.

I yelled “Point and shoot!”

Shoots rang out Jim and Jacey ran to help I forced them back I told them to do patrol and keep their eyes open.

Brandon and I started to retreat back there were too many of them just for us to take on. We ran back through the revolving door and jammed it shut.

“That should hold for now” I said

We ran to find Jim and Jacey. Jacey found us and said her and Jim separated, She didn’t know where he went and she was scared out of her mind.

“Don’t worry sis we’ll find him” Brandon said trying to calm Jacey down.

As we walked through the mall we found one zombie that was it. Brandon took it down…We pushed on.

We scoured the mall for a couple hours we finally found Jim on the floor of Hot Topic. He had knocked over shelf upon his entrance the shelf fell on him. Jim died. We figured he was spooked by the Zac we shot on the way over.

“Brandon get Jacey out of her” I said.

I stripped Jim’s weapons we could need the ammunition.

A bone chilling scream rang out…Gun shots followed. I heard Brandon yelling for my help. I ran as fast  as I could, I wasn’t fast enough Jacey was on the floor and Brandon was backing up shooting into a huge crowd of Zombies his gun shoots seemed to have no effect the crowd was so thick. I pulled my gun and started to shoot into the crowd. As the crowd started to thin Brandon ran in to grab Jacey.

“Don’t you dare run in there Brandon its not worth your life too” I tried to plead with Brandon he didn’t listen.

Brandon pulled Jacey out of the swarm and to safety luckily she hadn’t been bitten yet. Brandon made it out okay too. We went to the food court and used tables to board up the opening to tryto keep them out. I kept post while Brandon kept an eye on Jacey who was still very shaken up.

The sound of smashing glass filled the food court. I knew the revolving door had just broken. I ran downstairs, Iwas right zac filled the entrance of the mall the stench from all theses zombies in one place was unbearable. I threw up what little food I had eaten, the sound of that brought the zombies awareness to me. I screamed.


Brandon and Jacey started to walk backwards. I flipped tables to make a barricade it would hold for now. Night fell Brandon and Jacey slept I laid awake, My mind was racing. I couldn’t do this anymore, since the beginning of the infection id been killing people who used to be my friends. I stood up and climbed over the barricade amd went for a walk. I ended up back at Hot Topic where Jim’s body lie spalled out in the middle of the floor. I sat next to the lifeless corpse and began to talk to him like he was still alive.

“I don’t know what to do Jim I feel so horrible inside”

A part of me wanted to believe he was going to talk back. I rose and left. Next stop Zumiez I knew about the video games they had set up and thought it would take my mind off things. Unfortunately the teenagers got to the games before I could. I sat down on the couch inside the store my mind was still racing. No matter what I did I couldn’t stop these voices. Next thing I heard was the crackling of a radio.

“Brandon can you her me?” I asked

“Ryan is that you?” Asked Brandon.

“Yea its me.”

“Dude the barricade just broke Zacs are flooding in here.”

I heard gun shots but didn’t answer Brandon I’d seen enough death and undead. I pulled my 38 special put it to my head and pulled the trigger. The one lonely gunshot rang out. Jacey dropped her gun she knew but didnt want to believe what she just heard.

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  1. This story raises some questions that need to be answered. There are probably more.

    How does this narrator continue to narrate after he has shot himself in the head?

    How has the mall, located in a city of 150,000 people, escaped looting, except for one group of teenagers up to this point?

    How on earth can one knock over a shelf on oneself and die?

    You probably weren’t on the site for the economics debate of 2008. These stories are supposed to be about scarcity: a dumptruck filled with plywood? Hundreds of boxes of food? Four people with guns? Power for video games? Where are these hordes of zombies coming from? What attracts them into the mall?

    And wouldn’t Occam’s Razor say that rather than hunkering down in an insecure mall (no amount of plywood would seal up the food court) they would walk the 3 1/2 miles back to the airport?

  2. Dave I fixed some of the holes e.g. the raiding of the mall….not walking back to the zone…what spooked Jim and caused him to knock over the shelf….I feel the last two sentences after the main charater dies adds some good dramatic effect.

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