The Writing’s on the Wall

I should be relaxing in Montana right about now. All I had to do was get on that plane and I would be safe.

Now, I’m going to become one of those things that I spent most of the day fighting off. One of those ghouls got hold of my leg and sunk her teeth in. The adrenaline of the fight helped to cover the pain at first, but as the minutes tick away, the pain increases. The others have gone back to the airport for safety. They’ve got a huge fight ahead of them.

I’ve made my way to the roof of tractor trailer just south of the Mattydale exit. Looking around, it doesn’t seem like we even made a dent in their numbers today.

The screams have quieted down. Most have fled, or turned. Now the only sounds that can be heard are the crackling of the fires and those dull moans.

I look down at the gash in my leg, and then at the handgun in my left hand. I could end it all right now with one shot, or I could wait for the disease to overtake me. The writing’s on the wall, life as I knew it was ending tonight.

I stood up on the roof of the trailer and looked out my world for the final time. It was not the world that I knew. I wasn’t sure if it was one I wanted to know. All around me there was carnage. Creatures that used to be human roamed the highway. The pavement stained red.

I said my final goodbyes to the world, and then raised the gun. It felt heavy in my hand. There was one bullet left. It should be enough.

I let out the loudest scream I could and pulled the trigger.

The body fell to the ground. The creatures, hearing the sound of the gunshot, began moving towards the fallen body looking for their next meal.

This was my only chance for escape. The creature I shot was on the east side of the trailer; I moved west. I couldn’t use the bullet on myself. It’s human nature to want to live. And for the time being, I’m still human.

My leg was throbbing. The pain was unbearable. I wouldn’t be able to go very far.

I had to get somewhere safe. I didn’t have to be safe from the creatures. The survivors had to be safe from me. I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting anyone once I changed.

I slowly made my way along Brewerton Road. I encountered a few ghouls on the way. I used the butt of the gun to put them down.

At last, I came to a Delta Sonic gas station. It hurt to move, and I could feel myself beginning to fade away. I hurried into the minimart. The glass front door was smashed and most of the shelves had been picked clean earlier in the day.

I found a screwdriver behind the counter and took it with me to the cooler. I used the screwdriver to open up the wound on my leg. Then, using my own blood, I wrote “Caution. Creature inside. Open at own risk. Good Luck, Jack Walker” on the freezer door. I then slid the screwdriver through the lock to make sure I couldn’t get out and locked myself in.

I took a seat on the floor and leaned my aching body against the remaining cases of beer and coffee creamers. Even though I was in the freezer, I could feel the fever coming on. It wouldn’t be long now. I opened a case of PBR. I was just about finished with the third can when…

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