Recurring Character: Krezner

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William Krezner, MD, SUNY Syracuse, 1983.

58 year-old widower with no children. Wife died before the plague.

Former general practitioner housed in an impersonal medical building in Fayetteville.

Heads a medical staff of three other doctors, six nurses, and numerous trained-on-the-spot physician’s assistants and orderlies.

Warm, charming, twinkling-eyed and friendly. Invites confidence. Humorous. Constantly wears a bowtie. Secretly relieved to be practicing medicine and not having to worry about insurance or salary.

While he has limited surgical exposure (sutures and stitches) he has extensive medical and psychological experience. While called Krezner, everyone, even Clipboard refers to him as Doctor Krezner or Doc when speaking to him directly.

Extremely considered about malnutrition and water cleanliness as a long-term problem. Has turned both into off-duty hobbies. Like Clipboard, he never seems to be not working.

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