Recurring Character: Captain

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Real name: Tom Slater

Former Army Special Forces captain. Current head of Corpse Corps. Responsible for perimeter security and excursionary forces.  Does not leave the compound under Brooks’ orders. (“It’s a colonel’s job to stay at HQ.” “Then you’re a colonel.” “No, I work for a living.”) Volunteered to stay behind along with a sergeant–the only two good things to come from the mass migration west. Loyal to Brooks and the Zone, but may clash with the realities of a civilian government. Did ROTC training at Syracuse University. Would bleed orange, red, white, and blue if he ever bled.  He does not. Seems to be the only member of the Zone who always looks clean.

Has four lieutenants who are not military-trained but picked by him for  leadership qualities.

All people in the Zone call him Captain, except for Brooks, who refers to him as Captain Slater.

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