Take this to the streets?

So, today I got lost in the world of YouTube and got that little light bulb in my head. I knew Kinney was thinking about holding one but I’m curious if a zombie walk is in order. Yes, we are all probably against zombies and out to kill them but the geek, or nerd, in us all┬ácan go for taking a passion to the streets, right? I’ve had other ideas brewing but I can’t tell anyone since I’m not sure if it’s going to happen.

Zombie walk, good or bad idea? Maybe for pre-test destress day.

Hahaha, zombie jedi.

Cleaning Service

I vividly remember a classmate slapping a twenty bill face up on the middle desk of my 12th grade English class declaring the world would fall into disrepair, for some reason or another. There really was no way in predicting it, a notion maybe but no real psychic ability behind this one whatsoever. It may have even been just on the tangent that we somehow wandered down but either way there was no way of knowing that it could just happen one day.
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Santa’s Little Helper


Inside the back of a store atop a loft woke a young girl, no older than fourteen, in a jolt from what only one could assume as a nightmare. No matter…it didn’t work quite as well as she expected, out of one and into another. Covered head to toe in bundles of clothing she much closely resembled a heap of laundry with a defenseless puppy thrown in. Jessica’s frail body breathed heavily, hand to the side reaching out to clutch the wooden grip of her well used pickax to protect herself from the nightmare she woke up to. She was warm here, but the fact that her stomach was growling determined that she was going to have to get up instead of laze around in her nest of clothing.

Just as many still lived out here she too scavenged off what she could find in hope that she wouldn’t later regret it. The place she currently resided in had been long cleared out of food, entertainment, and pharmaceuticals. It was quite surprising just how long she had lived here on her own. Jessica’s wit clearly must have equaled her strength to be able to wield a standard pickax that was half her weight, awkward, and nearly the same size as she.

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