The Mall

We spent the weeks after the invasion at the Airport, I was put into a squad with Jim his wife Jacey and Jacey’s brother Brandon who seemed the “redneck” type if you will and looked like they knew their way around a gun way too well. We drove around the city in a dump truck taking down what little zacs we saw in the streets. Our race turned into scavengers we tore apart abandoned stores and houses looking for whatever little food or ammunition we could find and stockpiling it back at the airport. The other people in my squad seemed good people. The truck came to a hault in front of Carousel Center it had been abandoned since the invasion. The food court seemed like a great place to scavenge for food and that’s what we did. We entered finding a door had already been broken, possibly just a group of teenagers just looking for some merchandise the five finger discount. Though after the invasion started everyone needed more so who knows how many people have came through here looting.¬†Our group entered…

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A Brother’s Love

Joe and Jack were twin brothers who lived in New York all their lives. Joe became a cop and Jack was a low life, nothing but a loser drug dealer. Joe knew that his only sibling at that his twin brother was wasting his life by doing and dealing drugs but he couldn’t bring himself to arrest a member of his own family.

“You need to stop what your doing your going to get arrested or worse overdose and die” exclaimed Joe.

“I…I..just can’t stop” said Jack.

“You need to go to rehab its the only way” Said Joe.

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