Zombie Horrorland

Zombies moan, are you listening?
In the streets, blood is glistening.
A horrible sight, we’re frightened tonight.
Walkin’ in a zombie horrorland.

They came, by the hundred,
here to stay, are the undead.
They stumble along, moaning their song.
Walkin’ in a zombie horrorland.

In the airport we can build our Blue Zone,
and pretend a fence will keep them out.

We’ll say “Will that stop them?”
You’ll say “No, man,
But there ain’t no safer place in town.”

Later on, we’ll conspire,
As we sleep by the fire,
To face unafraid,
creatures that invade.
Walkin’ in a zombie horrorland.

On the highway there’s some frozen zombies,
We’ll pretend that they don’t make us frown.
We’ll have lots of fun with frozen zombies,
Until the Corpse Corps knock them down.

When it’s cold, ain’t it thrilling,
all the zombie’s we’ll be killing.
We’ll send them away, the ghouls today,
Walkin’ in a zombie horrorland.

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