Forgotten Seasonal Shadow

Feb. 2nd

Happy Groundhogs Day!

If the groundhog was smart he’d keep in his burrow. Unless he was a early riser, then in that case that poor groundhog was as good as Z-chow. Although the sun was covered by snow clouds you could see the sun beaming through. I prayed Spring would arise early. No more pedaling through snow. Of course the blood stains and the prints in the snow give me a future route to my migration. Though the constant nose bleeds from extreme cold winds give me away for them Z’s….It started raining, I guess it was always ture what they say about Syracuse weather. For such a unknow holiday it makes me sick of white and begging for green. February should be known as “Cabin Fever” month.



P.s. The Z’s seems to be grouping and heading to the Carousel. I’ll meet them there. Locked and loaded. Hope that groundhog made the best of his holiday.

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