Meaker awoke from another dream.

“Did you have the same dream?” Slater said while sitting next to him. Both had a heavy coating of mud on their uniforms, the retreat from Yonkers had gone bad resulting in the two cut off from the rest of the unit.,All of whom were now dead or dying.

“No, this one was different.” He got up and slapped the bolt release on his M-4 after loading a fresh mag.

“Meaker, last night I caught someone trying to steal the sraps from our MRE’s.”Slater said.

“What do you want me to execute him?” Meaker said rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“No, but he looks like you so I thought you would like to see.”

Meaker stood ad brought himself to the locked closet at the far side of the room, as meaker walked into the room he looked at the man sitting in the corner of the room.

He walked into the small room, lit up only by  a lantern on a small bathroom matt. Meaker stared at the man for a moment before his eyes widened.

“Oh my god.”

Meaker dropped his weapon and stared “RYAN?!”

Ryan ran to his brother sobbing “i though that you we-were dead”

“Quit crying you baby.” Meaker said

“I was there when mom and dad… They died i was there. I wish I wasn’t. I heard dad try to save mom but they overwhelmed him.I didnt know you two were alive, I saw scraps of MRE’s and was trying to find something to eat i haven’t eaten in three days.

“You can cry later, we need to get moving.” Meaker said sternly.

3 Hours later

“Hey Johnny”


“I miss them….”

The sky had darkened and rain had started to fall.

“Sergeant,  we’ve got some activity on the freeway moving towards us.” Slater said looking through a scope he had pulled off an undead sniper.

“Well retard, this is your chance” Meaker said pulling a knife from its sheath and handing it to his brother along with a  pistol.

“Hell no, I’m not going to fight what could be our parents. I’m not the soldier you two are!”

“Listen, Its not up for debate.  I don’t care how hard it is but your going to have to dig deep for a bigger set of balls if your going to survive. You don’t have the option of pacifism anymore.” Meaker said grabbing Ryan by his tattered polo shirt

“Fine ill do it.” Ryan said.

They moved to a line of crashed cars in front of a hotel near the airport.

a few seconds passed before Ryan was firing bullets at the windows of a abandoned hotel “IN THE HOTEL, THEY ARE IN THE HOTEL!” Ryan was screaming at the top of his lungs as he reloaded his weapon. Panic coating his voice.

Ryan started to sprint, but tripped on the chain of a tow truck

“AH SHIT!” Ryan yelled as Meaker ran over to retrieve his brother “Get the fuck on your feet!”

Just as he grabbed his weapon the undead manager of the hotel ran out of the hotel after Meaker. Before Ryan had a chance to point and scream the Sergeant had spun around  and thrust his wrist blade into the Zs head and watched the blood spill on the ground.

Slater was firing at the doorway while the Zs flooded through the doors

“Hahahaha fresh meat!!”Slater yelled.After ten minuets the doors cleared and Meaker, Ryan and Slater moved towards the base.”Never…. again…will I do anything for you Johnny.”

“Yes you will, and get into the habit of calling me Sergeant.”Meaker said coldly.

Slater looking through his scope saw a group of civilians and a group of soldiers and Humvees.

“Sergeant there’s a group of civs and what appears to be our link up, lets get over there with a purpose”

“agreed” Meaker said

“Lets head to Mattydale” voiced Slater putting his scope away.

The three left at a brisk pace wasting no time.

“Johnny one question” Ryan said as he pulled on his sweatshirt.


“What happened to “your” family?”

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