Auburn Correctional Facility

Auburn Correctional Facility is probably to most secure place in all of CNY during a zombie attack. A structure specifically designed to keep people in would be perfect for keeping Zak out. I wanted to have this be the setting of my next story, but I’m finding that information about the place on the net is lacking. I tried looking it up on Google Earth, but its all blurred out. You can only make out the vague outlines of the separate buildings. I just want to know locations of the mess, how many prisoners are accommodated there, max capacity, that kind of stuff.

Hopefully no one looking at my internet activity is thinking that I’m planning a prison break.

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  • If you think that’s bad, try lurking around the Blue Zone at Syracuse International Airport. We’ve got a Google map hooked up and so far the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t asked us any strange questions. Then again, their hands are probably full containing the outbreak.

  • Given the choice between syracuse and auburn, I’d probably head over to Cayuga county (I can feel my heart breaking, defying my home county) and join you at the prison.

  • I was worried this was going to happen.

    I picked the airport because it was local to Syracuse and harder. The higher population and the weaker defenses presented more of a challenge. It’s also more potentially realistic, as it’s a bigger population center.

    Strategically, the prison makes more sense. Culturally, it also does: People who live in the Jordan area tend to be more familiar with Auburn than the ‘Cuse.

    I knew this and I know this. I’d also hoped it wouldn’t happen until after we’d run out of stories and needed that Season 3-style conflict.

    You’re free to go solo. No one is held in the Zone against their will, unless there’s a story written about that. However, the distance between Auburn and Zyracuse is about equal to that of a marathon. There would not be contact between the two zones.

    I hope that if a group splinters off, there’s a story about why. Perhaps, keeping with the Biblical theme, one could call it Exodus.

  • Um, murderers and rapists vs zombies… there is a dilemma. What would you do with the prisoners? Their new sentence is to fight the Zaks? states that it currently houses 1789 inmates with a capacity of 1700. Plus you’d have staff.

    I can check with a friend who is a guard there if you would like to see if there is a floor plan, schematic or even generalized comments he can make. They used to sell “guidebooks” when you “toured” the prison.

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