The End?


“What’s that sound?” Jerry thought to himself as he walked along Runway 10. Since the outbreak, some sounds became too familiar, while others ceased to exist. This sound was something that Jerry had not heard in all of his years at Hancock, and it was getting louder. Jerry looked to the west to see where the noise was coming from, and to his amazement, he saw a helicopter headed his way.

The military craft circled the airfield, dropped a package and then quickly flew away without landing. Jerry rushed to see what had just fallen from the sky. By the time he got to the crate, a crowd had gathered. The only contents in the crate were a letter and a box of vials from Ryan Pharmaceuticals. The letter stated that the vials contained a vaccine, one that could end Zack’s rampage. There was enough for every man, woman and child left in the Zone. Most opted for the vaccination; others did not.

Those that were immunized felt almost invincible. They felt they finally would have the upper hand against Zack now that they were immune to the effects of Solanum. Jerry, feeling overly confident, headed out to confront his enemy. He didn’t have to look very far. Jerry found a dozen zombies roaming the parking lots of Northern Lights. He charged the group and started to attack. As the battle went on, other monsters arrived. They overpowered Jerry and began to tear at his flesh. Jerry should have died in that battle, only to rise the next day. He never died. The vaccine kept him alive. Jerry felt every tear, every bite.

Then, something changed. One of the foul creatures started to shake him. “Jerry! Jerry, are you alright?” the creature called to him. “You passed out and hit your head.” Jerry looked around to see his familiar surroundings—the runways, terminal, and the generators making their whirling sound.

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