The Sheep’s Clothing

Everyone loved zombies. Who knew that New York horded such a massive colony of undead fans? Everyone would go see the movies. They loved watching their badass heroes slaughter mobs of ghouls on the big screen. The fad went unnoticed next to the polo shirts and sports games, but they were there. Believe me, the creepy shirts, hats, movies, books and video games were there nonetheless. Eventually these fans became fanatics.

The American culture loved the walking dead so much that zombie walks became common. You know the drill: a bunch of people dress like their decaying idols and march around “attacking” people, swelling their ranks. It was all good fun. One of these walks was eventually set up to take place in Eastwood. People ran, others chased. The mob had grown quite large since they started and were now shuffling toward Carousel Mall. Malls…the media’s favorite. The costumes were quite realistic. Nobody could tell the difference when the actual zombie joined in the fun. One man was mauled by it. People laughed, some screamed playfully. The man wasn’t playing. It took about ten minutes and three more victims before everyone noticed what was happening. Everyone ran.

Nowadays we sit and wait; stuck in an airport trying to take back our city.

Nobody loves zombies anymore.

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  • I would like to make a note, that Sgt. Meaker has always, and always will take a firm standing against zombies, and the other ” living” dead.

  • As a general rule, I am not in favor of guns in schools or in favor of arming teachers in order to prevent another Columbine as some of proposed.

    But if they add “and to prevent zombie attacks” to the legislation, I’m all for it. Anyone in my school dressed as a zombie on Halloween does so at their own risk. (Cue creepy theme music.)

    By the way, great title. NPR tonight reported on investment-banker zombie flash mobs emerging from the NYC subways and attacking the Wall Street Bull statue. Be alert.

  • I changed Syracuse to Eastwood as an indirect plug for spring’s Shawn Luu Horror Festival at the Palace Theater on James Street.

  • I guess I shouldn’t tell you what I was at the Halloween dance…Let’s just pretend I was warning people about an upcoming threat through demonstration.

  • I met Shawn once. Nice kid. Too bad that had to happen to him. It’s pretty cool they did a memorial walk for him.

    Tyler, I didn’t know you could write so well.

  • You knew Shawn Luu?

    I swear that if we ever figure out how to get revenue out of this website, we’re going to sponsor and attend that film festival.

  • I only met him. My brother knows a lot of the people in the “hardcore scene” of Syracuse. One time he met a band who didn’t have a place to stay the night so he invited them to stay the night at our place. -_- Brendon’s one of those dumb peices of crap who let people step all over him. I dunno how he got into connection with Shawn. Prolly met him at a show or something. He brought him and this jackass named Dave (seriously) over one day, a few months before they said he’d have to go through chemo again. Most of the stuff I know about him my brother told me before he started to hate me. but I never said anything.

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